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More Packing Tips

In a previous blog, I mentioned the box exchange service that I offer to my clients.  The one thing that I forgot to mention was the alternative to those expensive peanut packing products that are out there.  If you have not had the opportunity to stop by and price those little jewels, they are quite priceless.  They would be a great commercial ad for Mastercard because they are priceless.  I cannot even begin to try to rationalize why it costs so much to purchase a bag of Styrofoam peanuts.  I suppose it is simple supply and demand.  I have found an alternative to packing peanuts. 

Most of us have a shredder at home and we can put it to good use for our clients.  I recently was packing items in my Arizona home to send out to my home here in Traverse City and ran out of those "wonder peanuts".  I went to the local packaging store and just about choked on my words when the clerk told me how much they were going to cost.  I immediately went home and ranted to my husband about the incident.  His response was "we have a shredder and that ton of newspapers in the garage".  Why don't you just shred those and use it for packaging.  What wonderful idea.  That is just we what we did and it turned out just great.  I had all of the packing fill that I needed and it did not cost me dime. 

This is something that we can do for our clients.  If we have shredders at home, why not shred and package all of our paper into large trash bags to pass on to our clients when they are moving.  It makes great fill material and your clients will love you for not having to go to the store to purchase those high priced packing peanuts.

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